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  1. Elite Body and Laser
    60 Powell Rd.
    Lewis Town, OH

    Advertises for these procedures but aren’t affiliated with you or paying the royalty fees to be licensed to perform the procedures.

    1. Thank you for letting us know.
      Anyone who advertises the Vampire Facelift® procedure who is not listed here (click) or the Vampire Facial® procedure who is not listed here (click) could be doing another method. Often, their lower prices are a clue that they may not be using FDA approved PRP preparation kits. Or, they may be skimping in other ways (for example, the Vampire Facelift should include one syringe of either Juvederm or Restylane).

      Please report to the Cellular Medicine Association anyone who is advertising who is not listed on those official directories. Here’s where to report…

  2. Skin Spa Med in Dallas Texas is advertising that they provide the Vampire Facelift but I don’t see them listed here.

    1. Anyone advertising who is not listed on our provider list (click to see the list for all countries & states)<-- be doing an inferior procedure but they are for sure illegally pretending to be one of our providers when they are not.

      You can all our home office here and we will have our attorneys teach them the law. We must do this to protect patients from bogus providers. Some use PRP not made with FDA approved kits. Some use microneedling devices with the Vampire Facial® procedure that cross contaminate the blood from one patient to the next and some do not include a syringe of Juvederm or Restylane in the Vampire Facelift® procedure.

      Please report any possible imposters by email here (click) or call 1-888-920-54311

  3. There are many advertised on Groupon. I’ve had a few done in miami area. None of them ever used juverderm or restalyn. I purchased all from Groupon. Have I been ripped off?

    1. no you are not.depending where. harley street clinic in london is a very famous and good clinic with profesional doctors.

      1. Harley street clinic is an address. As famous as it is an address does not guarantee good doctoring. I have scars from laser treatment carried out in Harley street clinic in 1982. 3rd degree burns inflicted by a doctor with qualification displayed on every wall. Nowadays with freedom of information on the internet it is easy to check a doctors reputation.

    2. Yes. If not listed here (click), then they are not certified. Part or the reason for the decreased cost offered by those not certified is that they often leave out the Juvederm or they use a non-FDA-approved kit to prepare the PRP.

  4. looking for training options to be able to add this procedure to our treatment menu
    Aesthetic Northeast LTd

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